Episode #22 BNN Amanda Pasciucco “the sex Healer”

This episode I had the pleasure talking with The Sex Healer herself Amanda Pasciucco! Amanda Pasciucco is a licensed marriage and family therapist, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, a clinical sexologist, and an author in female sexuality. She has worked with individuals and couples for over a decade. She is the owner and founder of Life Coaching and Therapy in West Hartford, CT where her and her team of licensed psychotherapists provide identity-affirming, body-positive, sex-positive, and systemic approaches to helping clients transform problems into pleasure.
It was an absolute blast being able to talk sex with someone who talks with people professionally & instructs them and sheds light on situations to better & help so many people . Talking about sex & relationships can be rough. Yet here we are talking about it and having fun while doing it. Amanda was so helpful in this podcast & easy to talk to. I can’t wait to be able to talk to her more and answer more questions!




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Baby, You Are Overall Sexy, Where Should I Kiss First?

I enjoy making out with my female when we review some intriguing topic. When I feel that her discussion is not going to end whenever soon, I simply start kissing her. I do not quit her from talking; I just go on kissing her. As well as, she gets my sensations too.

Are Penis Exercises Just a Wet Dream or Is It Actually Possible to Enlarge the Penis?

There is a big rate of interest in penis enlarging and enhancing workouts however at the same time there is the very same quantity of suspicion. A great deal of people want to include some size as well as some people seriously need to include some dimension. However it can not really be possible, can it? Well the fact is that penile exercises do work and also I will discuss extra concerning these exercises in this article.

Penis Enlargement Tips – Gain More Size and Make Gains Quicker With PIs!

Do you wish to make some penis gains? Do you wish to include some size to your member? Well great! That is actual great! In this article I am mosting likely to give some suggestions on how to make some severe gains with penile workouts by utilizing PIs.

Jelqing Tips for Making All Kinds of Penis Gains!

Do you wish to make some gains man? Sure you do as well as why not? There is absolutely nothing incorrect with desiring to include some size to your system if you really feel that it requires some size. Countless males have actually done it and also a lot more satisfying lives as a result of it as well as a great deal extra confidence. In this short article I will provide some pointers about jelqing.

More Sex for Better Health – 12 Reasons to Have Sex Every Night

Most males do not require a list of reasons to have more sex – it really feels excellent, he desires it, end of tale. However, for those that do require a little extra inspiration, there are several tried and tested clinical factors why sex benefits the health! So, perhaps following time the various other partner just isn’t in the state of mind, the complying with factors might be provided on the pro-sex side of the discussion.

Embarrassing Penis Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Guy often have penis skin problems that are worrisome, but reviewing these concerns with a doctor can be tough. To alleviate several of their anxiety, numerous usual penile concerns – and also how to fix them – are discussed right here.

Taking The Lead In The Bedroom

For the most component, a womanly female desires her guy to take the lead in bed, most of the time. If a man’s sexual capability is among the core active ingredients in a woman’s abandonment, after that his leadership in the bedroom is the all-natural expression of this component.

STI Warnings – Signs of Dangerous Disease

An STI can be a significant health and wellness concern that goes beyond the hassle of an aching penis. Although an infection can sometimes be asymptomatic, there are typically alerting signals a man need to follow.

Talk Dirty To Me: A Guide for Women

Ladies, I am often asked for a simple method to transform a guy on. Among one of the most fun points to do both in and out of the bedroom is to speak unclean to each various other. Chatting dirty ought to begin beyond the bed room and also can aid you be a lot more spirited, obtain each various other activated, and also result in more explosive sex.

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